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Some Nail Polish Brands To Explore

1. Essie

Arguably the single most classic, iconic, recognized polish brand ever, this is both a salon staple, as well as a must for pro manicurists, beauty editors, and consumers. Originally launched in 1981, there have been hundreds upon hundreds of shades that have launched since, with new lines—and formula varieties—continuing to hit the shelves. Fun fact: The first three Essie colors, Bordeaux, Blanc, and Baby’s Breath are still sold today.


2. OPI

Another OG of the polish scene, OPI also launched in 1981. (ICYW, OPI is a riff on the original name of the brand, Odontorium Products, Inc.—it was originally a dental company.) We love the line for the high-performing lacquer formula, as well as countless new shade collections that launch constantly, all touting cute and witty names that have us wishing we were in the business of naming nail polish.


3. Sally Hansen

This is an iconic drugstore nail brand for the masses. Indeed, it’s the number one nail brand in the US, launched in 1946 by Sally Hansen. At first, there were just two nail products—now, there are over 300 shades, not to mention countless treatments, tools, and more. Couple that with the fact that the formula has both a built-in base and top coat, and you’ve got yourself a surefire way to speed up your mani.


4. Deborah Lippmann

Lippmann launched her eponymous line in 1999; taking a cue from her love of music, many of the polishes have song title-inspired names. There are lots of “non-gel gel” polishes out there, but none that work quite as well as the Gel Lab Pro formula from this brand. There’s no heat or light required, just pair it with the accompanying base and top coats and prepare to be amazed by how glossy and cushiony it looks. The vegan formula is 10-free and is infused with a patented mix of 10 ingredients to help improve the health of your nails.


5. Côte

Cruelty-free, vegan, and 10-free, this is another choice clean brand, which also feels extremely chic and high-end. The formula is smooth and streak-free, and the packaging deserves a call-out, too; the bottles are hand-crafted from Italian glass, and the brushes help make the application smooth and even.


6. Chanel

If a quilted Chanel purse isn’t quite in your budget, treat yourself to a little luxury with a Chanel polish. It’s an easy way to make your manicure feel more luxe.


7. Orly

One of the oldest nail brands out there, Orly started back in 1975. True story: the founder actually created the French manicure. It’s another salon mainstay, with tons of color options and great base and top coats, too. Also unique is the brand’s patented gripper cap they use on all of their bottles, making it easy to open and hold the brush. Plus, their polishes aren’t just 8- or 10-free... they’re 13-free.

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